Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Journal For Anthroposophy - "Classics" Series

- by John Kettle

In 2004 the Anthroposophical Society in America decided that it must suspend publication of its Journal for Anthroposophy, which it had published for about forty years. Robert McDermott, a member of the Society’s council, proposed that rather than just allow the publication to cease, the society should publish a series of issues highlighting some of the most valuable and interesting articles from previous issues, grouped thematically and with new introductions, under the general title of Classics from the Journal for Anthroposophy. With Robert McDermott as editor, this powerful series has now reached seven issues, the first of which was published in 2005:

Meeting Rudolf Steiner, selected and introduced by Joan Almon;

Anthroposophy & Imagination, Kate Farrell;

Revisioning Society & Culture, Douglas Sloan;

Mani & Service, Robert Sardello;

Meeting Anthroposophy, Robert Hill;

Novalis, Donald Melcer;

Science & Anthroposophy, Arthur Zajonc.

Three more issues are planned, to conclude in 2011:

Waldorf Education, selected and introduced by Diana Hughes and John Kettle, due out at Easter 2010;

Art and Anthroposophy, Hans-Joachim Mattke and Heidi Violand, Michaelmas 2010;

Meditation and Spiritual Practice, Gertrude Reif Hughes, Easter 2011.

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