Thursday, April 10, 2014

Impressions From Eurythmy Lessons

- by Jesse Reimer-Watts

Eurythmy has been my entrance into Steiner’s work. I am now studying his writings and exploring the concepts he proposes; it would all be very cerebral if I was not practicing Eurythmy as well. The community of people that it gives me is very important; I am able to ask questions, draw from others’ life experience, and share my own journey.

My body is very important to me. It is an incredible sense organ and thinking place. When Margaret is leading me in Eurythmy I am able to process my life’s events. My emotions settle; I let go of the ones that are not serving me, and I start making new discoveries. In other words, this practice reconciles my past, calms my mind towards the future and ultimately grounds me in the present.

I love the patterns we create as a group. When I describe the practice to friends I say it has a “harvest dance ritual” feel to it. Honouring the seasons. I began this practice in the winter; I wonder what it will be in the summer, and fall? Spring has now sprung and the rhythms of the Earth are changing! So too is my body.
I aspire to teach at a Waldorf School. I am eager to learn from Margaret how to guide this wholesome practice. I am glad it is being given so freely to the community; we are very lucky to have elders offering their wisdom to us.


Jesse Reimer-Watts

Vidar Foundation Update

- by Vincente Belenson
2013 was an active year for Vidar Foundation.  We welcomed Robert McKay and Bevan Ballah on the Board of Directors. 
Robert offered to help with promotion and he designed a new flyer for us.  Vincente Belenson has set up our new website which you can find at .
Through the Nova Scotia branch of the Anthroposophical Society we were contacted in July 2013 by the South Shore Waldorf School Association.  They were offered the opportunity of purchasing the school property which they had been renting since 2001 and they were now investigating possibilities of  how to finance the purchase.  The South Shore Waldorf School is supported by a very active and dedicated parent body and community of friends.  They have come up with some innovative fundraising ideas, e.g. the Airstream Cafe which was established to provide a steady annual income and is run totally by volunteers.  As well they created a Borrowing and Donating Community, the first of its kind in Canada.  Since our last fiscal year end, August 31,2013, Vidar Foundation was able to raise another $195,000 in short and long-term loans which enabled us to extend to SSWSA the first mortgage.
In 2007 we set up a planned giving campaign and in conjunction with it an endowment fund to which a generous donor contributed $30,000.  While ordinary donations must be spent within a year of receipt, an endowment fund lets us hold donation money for a longer time period, i.e. ten years or more.  We invest the money from the endowment fund in initiatives that fall within our mandate.
Our own equity (money we can spend at our discretion) is gradually increasing, however most of our working assets are in the form of loan money and we are not able to support projects requiring grant money at present. 

We welcome inquiries from individuals who are interested in Vidar Foundation’s fostering of social initiatives and who might consider joining our effort.