Vancouver Members Group:

Contact Philip Thatcher   604-985-3569

Vancouver Vidar Group:

Contact Michael Roboz   604-987-4935



Michael Roboz
151 Carisbrooke Cres|
North Vancouver, BC, V7N 2S2
Wednesday Study Group; Michael Roboz, 604-987-4935
Monday Members Group; Philip Thatcher; 604-985-3569
Medical Group; Kyle Morton; 604-926-4864
Christian Community; Susan Locey;
Camphill; Cascadia Society;; 604-987-3047
Vancouver Waldorf School; 604-985-7435; High School; Robert Adams 604-986-2922,
Lifeways Childcare Society; Margo Running; 604-904-4198/ 375-2959c;
School of Spiritual Science; Bert Chase/ 604-988-6458; Patricia Smith/ 604-988-3970; Philip Thatcher/ 604-985-3569

Study Groups
Wedsnesday Study Group:

The Wednesday Study Group, the oldest and first Anthr. activity since 1954, enters into depth into specific themes. Since the last two years, we have continued with Karmic Relationships. The Group is open to anybody, whether they are a member of the Can. Anthr. Soc. or not. We begin each evening with Steiner’s verse “From the Luminous Heights”. We meet at the Rudolf Steiner Centre weekly from September to June, each meeting about an hour with twelve people who take part on a regular basis.

Vancouver Members Group

The Vancouver Members Group meets on the first and third Mondays of each month, at the Rudolf Steiner Centre. For many years we have taken as the context of our work the theme of the year as given from the Goetheanum. Each member of the group does his or her individual work on the theme out of the suggested readings and other sources in preparation for the meeting.
We begin the meeting with the verse "Stars spoke once to man". Out of the silence following upon the verse, a member initiates the conversation for that evening. The intention of the work is both to develop the theme from meeting to meeting, and to develop capacities for listening to one another and for discerning where the conversation can go out of what we hear from one another. Each meeting lasts for an hour and a quarter to an hour and a half. We close with "Stars spoke once to man".
The group is open to anyone who is a member in good standing of the General Anthroposophical Society. There are currently up to nine members who participate on a regular basis.
Philip Thatcher

Other Study Groups:

There are other study groups such as a Natural Science Group. These few individuals meet weekly, with field excursions. Another small group looks at Anthr. from the practical artistic side, again only by invite.
The Medical Group are medical practitioners who decided to study the Agriculture Course this coming year.  They meet once a month on Mondays.

The Cascadia Society for Social Working:
The Cascadia Society for Social Working is an urban Camphill centre. We have a day program serving 34 individuals , and 4 residences with a total of 23 residents, 11 of whom have developmental disabilities.
Workshops in the day centre include weaving, basketry, candlemaking, gardening, sewing, clay and home skills as well as a myriad of other artistic, educational, and therapeutic activities.
Eurythmy and music play a strong part in our lives at Cascadia, and we have mounted a large eurythmy and music productions for several years at Christmas time. In recent times we have done this in conjunction with students of the Vancouver Waldorf School, so that there are sometimes up to 100 performers involved. These performances take place at a state of the art local theatre, and they are a big highlight to our year.
We are fortunate to have been able to purchase a new house which we have recently renovated with the great help of architect Bert Chase and many donors. The reno includes our new new "Circle Hall", which is well-suited for group activities and our practice times.

Vancouver Waldorf School

 The Vancouver Waldorf School, established since 1970, has a lower school and a high school.

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