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At present there is one active study group in Edmonton, led by Emanuel Blosser and conducted on-line. (Emanuel984@aol.com)  The goal of this group is "to develop the spiritual organs of perception to see for ourselves what Rudolf Steiner saw".  There are two young Waldorf schools in Edmonton, one within the public system (avonmore@epsb.ca), one an independent initiative (www.thewise.ca).

Foundation Studies

Rudolf Steiner Centre Toronto is now running a Foundation Studies Course in Calgary under its FS Distance course. The local students have access to one-on-one mentoring as well as weekly study groups and arts classes.

For more information please 
♦ Send an email to:  foundation.studies.calgary@inbox.com, or 

♦ Contact the Rudolf Steiner Centre:  · 905 764 7570 · info@rsct.ca

Auriel Eurythmy - Seasonal Courses

A two year part-time Eurythmy program (1st year equivalent).  Visit : http://www.aurieleurythmy.com for details.

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