Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Letter From Cornelius Pietzner

Dear Friends,
One of the important re-occurring events at the Goetheanum in November is the series of meetings that begins with the Class Holders Gathering of the School of Spiritual Science, followed by four days with the General Secretaries and concluded by the Conference of Branch and Group Leaders. These three meetings, one after another, provide strength and focus for the School of Spiritual Science, for the worldwide Society in its diversity and manifoldness, and give an orientation out of anthroposophy for our common work. These three complementary and interweaving elements and events are at once a review and an occasion to look forward to new themes, points of emphases and directions that we elect to undertake together.
Indeed, it provides different forums to begin to define and articulate the theme for the new year, which will be taken up in the different Societies and branches worldwide, as well as give the opportunity to introduce focal points for the Society in the years to come. It is beyond the purview of these welcoming lines to detail and describe the theme for the year, as well as the areas of emphasis that we consider of importance for the Society--these will be written about in succeeding issues. What is important is to share the unique and special opportunity of coming together for these days to work together and exchange and deepen perspectives that consolidate the work and initiatives that live in the School and the Society. It is an important opportunity to prepare for the new year.
This of course accompanies the numerous other preparations that are in full swing, ranging from the the Mystery Dramas (the first of which will be performed at the Christmas Conference) to the budget for next year. In all of these we experience the vibrancy of human initiative individually and in groups.
In a time when the world is engaged and occupied with major crises , such as the global financial situation, there have also been significant changes (as with the recent election in the United States) that show the need to find balance and perspective between polarities; in the first instance in our own hearts and souls.
With best regards,

Cornelius Pietzner
For the Executive Council

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