Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Internet Stew

"We definitely need to see the "benefit" of using the internet. I remember traveling through parts of Africa 35 years ago , and the Masai and other groups would not allow their pictures to be taken because the devil would then have a part of them. I meditated on it and I realized where they were right. Now they all allow their pictures to be taken.....the benefit being that we can "see" how others live in other parts of the world (and hopefully understand them better).
It was the same with printing. The spirit of the word is being deadened and laid in the 'graves' of books. Ahriman loves it....and it is our main learning tool.
And now , one level deeper.....that is the internet ! What can I say. We need to use it and it has been a benefit to many people , including NGO's in their abilityto bring large groups of people together for a good cause.
The issue is for some of us to be aware of The Beings we are working walking into the belly of the dragon consciously. Thats how we do not get trapped, but instead grow stronger to be able to free up the parts of our souls that are being entangled.......and hopefully redeem the other beings along with us."

"Thank you for Glimpses by email! I dislike reading lengthy papers on the screen and I know of tests that showed that we retain and comprehend very little of screen-reading. So I like to print at least the pages that are important in 'Glimpses' as I do with 'Anthroposophy Worldwide'. Many of these pages I keep and circulate or file. Could 'Glimpses' be formatted more printer-friendly, like with full lettersize pages with text? "[I hope you find this format easier to work with ...ed]

"I recently received my on-line version of the Anthroposophical Society News. I prefer to receive my communications in print. Perhaps an email version, but with each article in full. I could then download the whole thing with one click. Several reasons. I do not like spending more time than necessary at the computer. I find it clumsy to have to go the READ MORE route to continue to read the rest of the article. I wonder how many people actually bother to do this.?Then having to return to the original email to read the next item.Just all too tiresome and irritating. I prefer to have a printed document in my hand. I can then sit down comfortably in my favourite chair, with perhaps a cup of tea, and give my full attention to the complete content of each contribution. I would be interested in hearing more about what Hugh Whistler had to say about the Internet.Where can I find out more about this ? One more thing, I find it odd to have this email sent to me ... Dear "*" ... a personal salutation which then quickly down grades into a highly abstract and fragmented newsletter , which turns out to be part-information, unless I choose to follow all the prompts. You asked for a response, and this I am bringing to you. I do not agree to receiving the News in this format, and as you no doubt now know, I did not enjoy it." [This correspondent and I are still good friends...Ed]

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