Monday, April 20, 2009

Dennis Klocek: Healing Imagination Conference

Imagination has many faces. At its root, imagination is the faculty of forming and dissolving inner pictures. Imagination ranges from disturbed fantasy to flights of genius, the difference being that a genius controls the inner picture forming process and a disturbed person does not. Alchemically the task of forming and dissolving images is known as healing mercury or manas and involves being aware of the process by which inner pictures arise in the soul in response to the sensory stimulation of daily life. This task has great implications for a media-driven society. To create healing mercury in the soul it is necessary to explore the abyss of our own image -forming processes. We do this by shining the little lamp of our thinking into the feeling responses that arise from sensory experience.

In this workshop we will examine the process of inner picture formation through visualization exercises. The exercises will be placed in the context of a series of questions enacted with a partner. The question sequences are designed to highlight the ways in which inner pictures link to particular feelings. Some of the responses are more universal, others are more personal to an individual’s unique soul constitution. The key to the process of working with imagination is to distinguish the archetypal responses from the personal responses. That capacity allows one to control inner images.

LOCATION: at the ecole Rudolf Steiner Montreal

SCHEDULE: Begins at 7pm on Friday May 29 and concludes at 3:30pm on Saturday May 30

COST: General admission - $125.Student /Senior : $85.Reduced Price for 2 events (Healing Imagination Conference and Meditation Retreat : $225. (Student/Senior : $150.)

MORE INFORMATION AND REGISTRATION:call 514-369 9242 or E-mail.

Current activities of Dennis Klocek:

  • Founder of the Coros institute, dedicated to dialogues between individuals in the sciences, the arts and business with a commitment to spiritual values arising from the contemplative life
  • Director, Consciousness Studies Program at Rudolf Steiner College
  • International lecturer
  • Author of many books including: The Seer’s Handbook; Drawing from the Book of Nature; Biodynamic Book of Moons; and Weather and Cosmos
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