Monday, July 6, 2009

Portal Of Initiation

Sponsored by the Threefold Mystery Drama Group.

"The Portal of Initiation"and Its Relationship to Goethe's Fairy Tale,
August 12-16, 2009, Spring Valley NY.

Rudolf Steiner wrote four Mystery Dramas that unite mystery wisdom with stage art. He described the process of writing his first Mystery Drama, The Portal of Initiation, as a spiritual investigation that metamorphosed his own inner work with Goethe’s fairy tale, “The Green Snake and the Beautiful Lily.”
This conference will feature four days of lectures, conversations and performances that will enable participants to deepen their relationship to these two works of art, which lie at the heart of Rudolf Steiner’s Spiritual Science, Anthroposophy. The Saturday performance of The Portal of Initiation will take place on the 99th anniversary of the play’s premiere in Munich, Germany.
Conference faculty includes Barbara Renold, Herbert O. Hagens, Joan Allen, Joan Almon, Els Woutersen, and Daniel Hafner.
For more information, or to register, contact Susan Wallendorf: 845-352-5020 x17 or To download a printable brochure with a detailed schedule, fees and registration information, please click here.

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