Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Land Trust for Bio-Dynamic Farming Wants to be Born

- by Alexandra-Barbara Gunther

A farm of 155 acres (about 65 hectares) near Iron Bridge in northern Ontario is being offered for two purposes:
- to form a land trust that would hold  this farm for bio-dynamic agricultural use in perpetuity
- to attract a bio-dynamic farmer to connect with it and make the development of the farm his/her life work, in co-operation with the land trust

The farm has been used exclusively for hay for a number of years. About 30 acres are bush, and a small portion is wetlands. There is a large but modest house, with workshop and garage. The pump  and water system are presently being upgraded, and the house has a wood stove and back-up baseboard heating. There is a barn with an open area and enclosed stalls for animals. There is also a small shed.

Iron Bridge (population 900) is located about 1 ¼ hours east of Sault Ste Marie, the nearest larger town. The region is mainly agricultural (mostly hay, cattle, horses), featuring gentle hills along a secondary highway (Hwy 546). It is dotted with lakes and offers fishing and canoe and hiking trails.

The small towns nearby have farmers markets. Within 40 km of the farm, there are several Amish and Mennonite farms and a thriving Alpaca farm.

A small group is forming to take this initiative to its next steps:
- finding members and supporters for the land trust, and, most importantly,
- finding the right farmer to take up this work

Alexandra Barbara Günther (Elliot Lake, Ontario) was fortunate to be able to purchase this farm and is donating it for the purposes stated. She was fortunate again, when Ingrid Belenson came forward and offered her help.

If you can see yourself connecting with this initiative in some way, please contact us.

Alexandra Barbara Günther
Tel:705-848-6080. Email: agunther@persona.ca

Ingrid Belenson
Tel: 705-282-8509. Email: ibelenson@gmail.com

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