Friday, December 3, 2010

Celebration of 150th Anniversary of Rudolf Steiner’s Birth in 2011

- by Judy King, on behalf of the Council

Dear Friends,

There is growing interest across Canada in celebrating the 150th anniversary of Rudolf Steiner’s birth (2011) in a meaningful way.   

At the Goetheanum there are plans to give significance to this milestone in Europe:  a celebratory train ride from Steiner’s birthplace; an international press conference at the Goetheanum (4 November 2010); focus on Rudolf Steiner's "Bologna Lecture" ('The Psychological Foundations of Anthroposophy II – Its Standpoint in Relation to the Theory of Knowledge", Bologna, Italy, April 8, 1911). [Available for download - see Sidebar.  Ed.]

Here in Canada plans are underway for local activities: Quebec members are planning an event for the autumn, in Nova Scotia members plan to sponsor a lecture series, and a group in British Columbia is studying the Bologna lecture.

Council members are encouraged by local responses so far to the idea of celebrating Rudolf Steiner and his work as it is manifest in the world today, and would like, in turn, to encourage local groups to initiate activities, if they are so moved. At the same time, we know that people are already very engaged in anthroposophical work and life itself – there is no ‘ought to celebrate’ here!

The Council sees this anniversary year as an opportunity both for outreach and for raising to consciousness the nature of our own individual relationship to Rudolf Steiner.   We have been asking these questions:  What does it mean to commemorate Rudolf Steiner?   What life can this generate?   What is the importance of connecting the name of Rudolf Steiner to the work of related initiatives in the world?   Will we celebrate in Canada in a larger way?  If so, how?   What, if anything, can the Council co-ordinate?   

At our most recent Council meetings, in Vancouver 8-11 October, we were very pleased to meet with local members, and the conversation in two meetings at the Rudolf Steiner Centre in North Vancouver was very helpful to the Council in reaching a decisive position on 2011 celebrations.   Enthusiasm was expressed for the idea of celebrating the life and work of Rudolf Steiner.   One Vancouver member gave us a very energetic picture:  “…  a tsunami of celebration sweeping across Canada!” Another member gave us a heartwarming picture of a nineteen-year-old youth in a Bio-dynamic workshop she led:  preparations were stirred and then sprayed on trees in a Vancouver park.  The young man said to her “I have wanted to give something back to the earth all my life.   This is a way I can do it.”   

Our conversation led on to Steiner’s legacy of work for healing the earth in so many spheres.   All this, connected to the fact of the growing vigour of the bio-dynamic movement in Canada, presented an idea that we would like to support and co-ordinate as a Council as part of the tidal wave of celebrations across the country:  the act of stirring and applying bio-dynamic preparations taking place in as many different locations as possible across Canada at the same time.   This may be seen as a gesture of healing for the earth that is directly related to the fact that Rudolf Steiner incarnated 150 years ago.  

We would like to connect with bio-dynamic farmers and gardeners in Canada and other interested individuals, to consult about timing and other details. Our hope is that members of the Society in Canada will feel enthusiasm for this idea. If you have suggestions, questions, or would like to be more than peripherally involved, please contact your local Council member or Mark McAlister in the Society office.

And does anyone have an answer to the question: Should this large wave move from East to West, sunwise, or West to East, sometimes the way new ideas move?

As a Council we hope all of you will experience some of the enthusiasm that was felt at our meetings in Vancouver, and climb aboard!   

With very best wishes for your good health and work, as the days draw in,

Judy King and The Council  

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Debbie Allen said...

Thank you Judy. I like the idea of a tsunami of biodynamic preparations sprinkled across Canada from east to west. Perhaps on a full Moon day starting at sunrise on the east coast and ending at moonrise on the west coast. June 24, St John's day is a full moon day, and a lunar eclipse (providing that is a good day for BD preparations).