Monday, March 7, 2011

For My Dear Sister Ingeburg Lüdke

- by her brother Gerhard

For my dear sister Ingeburg!

Our mother laid you in the cradle. God blessed you with the astrology sign Leo. In nature the lion is "King of the Animal World." For humans the Leo sign is the never ending striving for a better and higher aim in life.

When we created our games as children, who was always the leader? Inge. As she was in school. The day she faced the open world, she was striving always to higher aims, to make it a better world, and so went her influence. My sister and I — her brother with the astrology sign Sagittarius — let the sun shine on everybody. That was our Inge. May God give her a peaceful eternal life. We always will remember Inge - she has a place in our hearts.

Our love,

Your brother, Gerhard, your sister-in-law, Irene and all your family and friends. Peace be with you.

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