Monday, August 29, 2011

Thomas Meyer Bibliography - Update

- by Ann Watson

The Laurence Oliphant book, When a Stone Begins to Roll, is Thomas's latest book.  It is a fairly small book that comes as an equivalent to the much bigger biography on Laurence Oliphant, by Thomas.  Oliphant is mentioned by Rudolf Steiner in the karma lectures as a spiritual being who has been a guide to all initiates when they are entering the spiritual world.  When A Stone Begins to Roll sells for $16.50 retail so is very inexpensive
Another book is  The Bodhisattva Question, which is in print for the second edition, about Krishnamurti and Annie Besant.  This book also has two otherwise not published lectures by Elizabeth Vreede about Rudolf Steiner's year of lectures on the Second Coming and RS's relationship to this question.

D. N.  Dunlop -  a Man of Our Time is perhaps not so easy to get, but I think it is now "print on demand" status.  Light For The New Millennium is of course the best of all of them and is one of the most important books in Anthroposophical literature.   Emil Bock uses the same material, The von Moltke Papers, as a subject in his Life and Times of Rudolf Steiner Vol. 2  which has as the last three or four chapters the question of Pope Nicholas - who is Helmuth von Moltke.  

This book Light For The New Millenium by Thomas Meyer can provide study material for more than a year for anyone interested enough to GET INTO IT.  It leads into all sorts of other books like WJ Stein's Ninth Century which has a chapter about Pope Nicholas, and also Emil Bock's above mentioned book. Then one can also can find related study work in the book The  Anglo American Establishment by Carroll Quigley, which is about the brotherhoods in England at the time of WW1. Also Terry Boardman's works Casper Hauser - Where Did He Come From?, and Mapping the New Millenium are fantastic followup material.  Another excellent book which uses Light For the New Milllennium as a reference book is Conjuring Hitler, a recent work by a PhD in Economics, Guido Preparata, who is mainstream scholarship.  It is as Rudolf Steiner predicted - "Future historians" will have their work cut out for them and will see the events around the beginning of WW1 in a different light.

These books are the great books of our era.

Also "in print books"  are The Death of Merlin, a cool collection of essays by WJ Stein and of course Rudolf Steiner's Core Mission.

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