Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Collegium – School of Spiritual Science North America

General Anthroposophical Section/ Section d’Anthroposophie générale~
Penelope Baring:,
Rüdger Janisch:,
Monique Walsh:

Section for Agriculture/ Section agricole~
Sherry Wildfeur,

Section for the Literary Arts and Humanities/Section des Belles-Lettres ~
Marguerite Miller,

Medical Section/ Section médicale~
Gerald Karnow,

Natural Science Section/ Section des Sciences~
Jennifer Greene,

Pedagogical Section/ Section pédagogique~ Prairie Adams,

Performing Arts Section, Eurythmy, Speech, Drama & Music/ Section des Arts de la Parole et de la Musique~
Helen Lubin,

Social Science Section/ Section des Sciences sociales~ Peter Buckbee,

Section for the Spiritual Striving of Youth/ Section des Jeunes~
Kathleen Morse,

Visual Arts Section/ Section des Arts plastiques~
Bert Chase,

General Council, Anthroposophical Society in America~
Torin Finser,

Council, Anthroposophical Society in Canada/
Conseil, Société anthroposophique au Canada~
Arie van Ameringen,

Executive Council, Goetheanum/ Comité directeur, Goetheanum~
Virginia Sease

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