Sunday, December 1, 2013

Tributes for James Gillen

Zeb Landon.  I heard today from Maria (Herb Schneeberg's mother) that James' passing on appeared immanent. I knew he was fragile but I was nevertheless surprised. But then, I couldn't help feeling a strange sort of excitement, that James' would take it in stride and was even looking forward with acceptance and anticipation, as James especially might do ...

I'm glad that Laurie and I were able to briefly visited him and Victoria in their apartment only a few weeks ago.

William Bento.  This news comes as a shock since I did not know he was struggling with the illness that has taken him away from us. James was always a stalwart friend to me and I shall always remember him a priestly knight among knights. May he be received into the ranks of the Heavenly Christian warriors with fond welcome.

Bruce McCausland.  I remember James from his early 20s when he first joined the Society. He was a faithful attendee, and I always looked forward to long conversations with him about his latest researches and findings. A brilliant mind and a dear friend. He will be missed sorely and I join my dear friends Mark, Christina ("Teena") and William in their solemn salute of farewell.

Christina Bould.  …it is quite amazing how many souls, that I know, and the not known are passing over the Threshold at this time.
I can't recall James's last name, can you also let me know how old he was and the circumstances that caused his death?  At the hour of the funeral I will be travelling to Auschwitz for a conference, so thoughts will be with those across the Threshold, in other words I will be with all the Living Seedlings.

Susan Koppersmith... I knew James mainly in Toronto in the early 70s though I did meet him here in Vancouver twice. There was one memorable time in 1979 when I was sick in Lions' Gate Hospital with a raging infection and fever and possible cancer spread. He and Victoria visited. He didn't say much (thank goodness, as I was incoherent) but I remember so well his gaze. His eyes were bright and he was smiling and and he looked at me as if my spirit was completely well and thriving. Not one ounce of pity. Such a healing gesture--- and I will always remember it.

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