Thursday, March 6, 2014

Rudolf Steiner's 89th Death Anniversary - Sky Notes

- by Debbie Allen

The Northern Lights and Winter Skies have been wonderful.  A snowy Owl crossed my path yesterday.  Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, and Venus grace the skies in the morning darkness.  This year as we approach the 89th Anniversary of Rudolf Steiner's death, Saturn resides in the House of Justice as it was at the time of Rudolf Steiner's death.  The exact return was in October 2013 but Saturn was too close to the Sun to be observed; however, by March 30, Saturn will be quite visible in the Constellation of Libra.  Also on March 30, 2014 there is a second New Moon and the next couple of days will give way to the Grail Moon which this year is followed by the Full Lunar eclipse, The Blood Red Moon of Easter, at Midnight April 14 -15.  The Lunar eclipse is in close proximity to Red Mars.  This combination (minus the eclipse part) has not been around since Christmas 2007 when Mars was also at its brightest and closet to Earth.  What died at Christmas 2007 is reborn at Easter 2014, in the broadest sense.  All this is significant to the relationship to Rudolf Steiner's 89th Death Anniversary and the 100th approach of that Anniversary in the line of significant 100th Anniversaries in the anthroposophical realm.  It is important through what Rudolf Steiner brought as knowledge of the Christ, Easter, and the Grail Moon.  Walter Johannes Stein was one who really grasped this.

Cheers!  As I write, Mars and Saturn stand still in the Heavens as they are poised to move retrograde...

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