Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Art Section Meeting - November 2014 In Thornhill

- by Beth Currie

Following on the impulse of the visit of Christian Hitsch to Toronto in July, 2014, a group of Anthroposophical artists recently met at Hesperus with Bert Chase, the head of the Visual Arts Section for North America. Bert spoke about the arts section and shared some of his own research.

Bert spoke about how most of Steiner's work involved an artistic process, be it bringing new impulses for painting, architecture, movement, speech, and even the writing of his texts, and how he was creating art to his very last days.
Steiner said that his impulse would only carry anthroposophy for 100 years after his death. Since we are at that pivotal point (2011 - 2025)  we need to take hold of Anthroposophy and enliven it if it is to survive. How can we participate in this re-enlivening activity?

A starting point for developing the arts section work here, is to compile a list of anthroposophical artists in Canada. If you are a wood worker, metalworker, painter, sculptor or other discipline, and wish to be involved in the Visual Art Section, please send your email and mailing address to Beth Currie.

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