Thursday, March 12, 2015

Important News - Please Note!

- by Judy King

Dear Friends,

Mark McAlister is stepping out of the role of Administrator of the Anthroposophical Society in Canada. He has carried the work of membership and communications administration for seven years, and will pass this role to new hands at the end of March (2015). Council members wish to take an opportunity to show our gratitude, respect and appreciation to Mark for the lively dedication he has brought to the task.

In 2008, with an acknowledgement from Council that help was needed with administrative work, the decision was made to hire someone who would be in charge of keeping membership records and communication with members, including publication of Glimpses. At the beginning of that year Mark was engaged for the position. Because some aspects of the work were new, Council did not have a complete picture of what the role entailed. The main aspects were clear. It soon became evident that part of the work was also to come to clarity and definition, together with council members, in the greyer areas of the task. This was not always easy, and we are very grateful Mark persisted in his courageous efforts to penetrate the forest, as it sometimes must have looked! An important part of what grew was our working together; and we very warmly thank Mark for helping to keep that process moving.

He has performed a huge task for the Society and Council. Some aspects of the broad scope of work that Mark carried out with dedication, are: reaching out and connecting and caring for members with good will and good humour, drumming up the Society with enthusiasm for new and existing members, completing the chores of the administrative work with professional diligence and warmth, initiating and producing the wonderful and essential e-news, including the more recent geographical enews, paying attention to, and ensuring compliance with government charitable regulations, holding a modern vision of the Society and standing up and voicing the things he felt he needed to change, and dedicated service and support for Society and Council members.

Very best wishes to Mark for his future projects!

For two weeks (mid-March to end of March 2015) the work will be in transition between Mark and his successor in the role of Membership and Communications Administrator, Jef Saunders. We ask you to join us in giving Mark a big THANK YOU, and giving Jef a big WELCOME!

From the Council of the Anthroposophical Society in Canada:
Arie van Ameringen (General Secretary), John Bach, Jean Balekian, Judith King, Dorothy LeBaron, Douglas Wylie.

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Unknown said...

Truly a dedicated accomplishment even from as remote a member as I've become, Mark has been a constant reminder of the discretionary mind and warm good humour that he has coined while others like myself jostle to develop such genuine attention.