Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Encircling Light Conference - Update

Encircling Light Conference - August 1st to 8th, 2009, Whitehorse, Yukon

Our conference is now just two months away. As of this first week in June, 174 participants from twelve countries are registered in total. 116 are from across Canada, from Nova Scotia to British Columbia, with 3 from the Yukon. Three registrations come from Russia, one from Iceland, and sixteen from the Nordic countries, including Finland. There are ten participants from Central Europe. The twenty-five registrations from the United States include five from Alaska. And we have two participants from Nigeria.

Three members of the Executive Council will be with us and three Nordic General Secretaries. 115 participants are members of the School for Spiritual Science.

The picture above is a remarkable one and bears witness to the way in which this upcoming event truly has touched lives around the North and elsewhere in our world. I have just returned from a joint meeting of the Collegium for the School of Spiritual Science, the General Council of the US Society and the Council of Anthroposophical initiatives. All present were carrying good thoughts from our conference, as are many of you in the Society here who are not able to be with us.

I want to thank everyone in our Society who over the past three years has donated funds to support those who are carrying program responsibility during the conference week. These funds now total just over $26,000 and include donations from individual members across Canada, the members groups in Vancouver, support from the Anthroposophical Foundation of Canada, donations from the Michaelmas Meditation weekend in Vancouver with Arthur Zajonc and the January Parzival weekend in Toronto hosted by Arscura. Several donations from individual members were especially generous.

Some of the funds from the Arthur Zajonc weekend went toward supporting the participation of Tatiana Pavlova, a member of the Council of the Society in Russia. Members in Fairbanks, Alaska are supporting Olga Kornienko, also on the Russian Council, and ISIS is supporting Alexey Koscheev, a doctor from Kirov. A portion of the funds given by the Anthroposophical Foundation of Canada, on very short notice, has made possible the participation of our program carrier from Iceland, Sigrun Gunnarsdóttir.

Again, thank you, each of you, who have carried this Conference on the North within your thoughts and hearts during these past three years. We are leaving the door for further registrations open into June, until it becomes clear that the moment to close registration has come.

Philip Thatcher,
For the Planning Group

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