Thursday, March 8, 2012


Dear Members and Friends,

Many changes have recently occurred in order to welcome a large number of new residents to the Hesperus Community, with construction of the new building and its link to the former one, on the Thornhill campus (Toronto).   One of the changes is that the Library of the Anthroposophical Society in Canada, in which the Society Office was also located, is in a transition period.   Internet access was cut off in that part of the building, due to the construction, and our Office Administrator had to move the ‘office’ to a room in his apartment (in the new part of the building), in order that work for the Society could continue smoothly.   Phone access for the ASC office and postal address are the same, as listed in Glimpses.   Phone calls still reach the Administrator, however Library hours are affected as shown below.   

Efforts have been made to ensure that people using the Library can still borrow books and return them.   Some residents of Hesperus have arranged for a volunteer to be present in the Library regularly, Wednesdays 3-6 pm and Saturdays 12-3 pm.

For some time now, the Council has been carrying a question about the Library and its future.   We are aware that this library contains a treasure.   It is an extensive collection of books, articles and periodicals by Rudolf Steiner and other anthroposophical authors, which are available to all Members of the Society, whether they live in Toronto, or in other parts of Canada.  

The Council wishes to start a conversation with the general Membership to gauge their feelings, hear ideas, about how this resource can be most useful today.   What are the wishes and needs of Members regarding the Library?   In the past four years when the Library has had scheduled opening hours, there have been from one to five visitors per day, which translates to approximately two hundred visits per year;  three people asked for a book to be mailed.   There are presently about thirty people with books out at any given time.  
What is living in Members as ideas/imagination for the Society Library?    For example, there are some ideas for a research centre.  The Council supported Mark McAlister in bringing the Library list on to the internet and in his endeavours to stimulate exchange of ideas.   Today there are many other anthroposophical libraries across Canada.   Would it be a meaningful task to link them up?   We would really like to hear from you all.  

Please send us your ideas and/or comments or talk to a local Council member or the Administrator.
We look forward with interest to your response.

- Judy King for the ASC Council.

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