Monday, August 20, 2012

Arscura Recognized For Biography Training

- by Regine Kurek and Dorothy LeBaron

Arscura School for Living Art receives recognition for Biography Training

In the first week of June, with the Venus occultation in progress, Dorothy LeBaron and Regine Kurek attended the International Trainers Forum (ITF) meeting at the Goetheanum in Dornach.  The ITF is a newly formed (2003) body of professionals working in the field of biography who in conjunction with the School of Spiritual Science have developed guidelines for professional biography trainings.

One year ago the Arscura curriculum was presented to the ITF for recognition and this June that recognition was granted. With the recognition also comes a commitment on the part of Arscura to become a permanent member of the ITF. This requires attendance at the annual three-day meetings, being co-responsible for furthering the quality and development of the biography impulse based on anthroposophy worldwide, sharing the task of further research, and supporting and mentoring new trainings.

At this point recognition has been granted to biography trainings in Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands, Japan, Israel, Great Britain, Brazil, Australia, USA and Canada.

Every other year this group of people also organizes a Worldwide Biography Conference in which several hundred people attend from all corners of the world. The next Conference will take place June 27th to 30th 2013 at Emerson College, UK.

The Arscura biography training was established by Regine Kurek in 1997 as Life-as-Art Biography Studies. An integrated artistic process in each term of the course makes the Arscura biography program unique. This methodology of working out of an art process makes a contribution to other trainings that are more oriented towards the field of counseling. 

Through this conscious connection to a worldwide organization we all grow stronger and our Canadian initiative out of Anthroposophy becomes more visible.   


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