Monday, November 26, 2012

Overview - Rudolf Steiner Centre Open House, 21 October 2012

- by Michael Roboz

Marjorie began with a welcome and tribute to visionaries of a spiritual home, mainly initiated by Steven and Helga Roboz, and Cora Verbrugh in 1969. Now, in its third manifestation, Marjorie gave thanks to all those how worked hard to maintain the Centres as well as the present Board of the RSCA (Esther Chase, Ruth Tschannen, Michael Roboz, Constance Lucky, Ron Macfarlane, and Marjorie Thatcher, our Board chairman)..  The whole process of separation of the strata unit into two separate strata units, and the renovation of our unit took five years. Many adverse forces came from various directions at almost every step of the journey.  This event is our public coming into being with all the renovation finally complete. 

Following the opening remarks by Marjorie, the Halleluiah was led by three eurythmists (Esther, Monika and Sonja), then lyre music performed by Ruth Tschannen.  After Bert had spoken, the formal Open House event concluded with the Foundation Stone rendered wonderfully by Patricia Smith, followed by the social aspect of the gathering.

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