Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Entering The 21st Century Spiritually

Dear Friends,

The keynote lectures given at the major Dornach english-speaking conference in 2010, ‘Entering the 21st Century Spiritually’, have been published as a book by Rudolf Steiner Press privately, under the auspices of the Anthroposophical Society.    This was carried out at the request of the UK Society so that members who were unable to go to Dornach could be provided with a copy.   The Council of ASC has acquired copies for distribution to groups and branches across Canada, with the aim of making the book accessible to all members who wish to read it.

Contents are as follows: 
* Words of Welcome, Virginia Sease, 2 August 2010.
* ‘Reading the Signs of the Time:  How Does the Spiritual Seeker Stand in the Crises of Today?’   Cornelius Pietzner, 2 August 2010.
* ‘Freedom and Initiative’, Torin Finser, 3 August 2010.
* ‘The Experience of the Threshold and the Spiritual Tasks of our Time’,Sergei O. Prokofieff, 3 August 
* ‘A Key to a Transformative Life’, Nick Thomas, 4 August 2010.
* ‘The Confrontation with Forces of Destruction’, Michaela Glockler, 4 August 2010.
* ‘Meditation:  Individual Effort, Cosmic Effects’, Gertrude Reif Hughes, 5 August 2010.
* ‘The Path of Anthroposophy Today’, Sue Simpson, 6 August 2010.
* ‘Rudolf Steiner’s Indications:  How Does the Christ Impulse Work Today?’   Virginia Sease, 7 August 2010.

Mark McAlister or a Council member will be making contact with representatives for groups and branches by phone across the country.   If you are in a geographical area without a group or branch and you would like to read this book, please contact Mark, 416-892-3656, toll free 1-877-892-3656 or info@anthroposophy.ca.   

We would like to take this opportunity to invite branches and groups (however small!) to identify a contact person in their group, if this has not already been established, who could help us as well in our broader purpose to foster visibility and sharing of local anthroposophical activity across Canada.   A lively imagination of the identity of the  Society in Canada and its place in the World Society becomes possible as we discover and appreciate what our brother and sister members and friends are thinking about and doing.   This imagination will grow in health with the right nourishment!

With warm wishes, as we approach the Advent season,

Judith King for the Council.

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