Thursday, July 4, 2013

The National Study Group

- by Margaret Shipman (Submitted by Judy King)

GEMS stands for Geographically Engaged Members Study group – or just think of it as “the national study group”. How is this possible when we are spread over such a gigantic area? It is possible, as anthroposophists know, because THOUGHTS ARE REAL. When we sit down Saturday mornings across the continent at the same time and study the same material and think consciously of doing this with one another, presto, we have a national study group.

This idea was born in August of 2002 and set in motion with six people a month later. It has grown by simple word of mouth to include about 90 members in 28 states and Canada.

It is a simple concept. The only “fee” requested is $20 yearly, at Easter, for copying and postage. But an earnest commitment is asked towards the time and material. We study together at least an hour, with the west coast starting at 6.30 every Saturday morning, while the east coast starts at 9.30 am (10.30 am AST) – and the time zones in between get the most reasonable hours! We each light a red candle to remind ourselves of one another, and imagine silver threads that connect us above this large room called the Americas. Then we study materials which come in monthly physical mailings on the subject for the year.

                    May our work together strengthen our resolve to study regularly
                                   and may our study strengthen our lives

Margaret Shipman

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