Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Our "Certificate of Continuance"

- by Dorothy LeBaron, for the Council

As announced at the May AGM and in the brochures you have received (Questions-and a Call to Action), the Council is continuing with the process of applying for a Certificate of Continuance. Our current by-laws have been reviewed by our lawyer, and we are currently reviewing the changes he has suggested in order to be compliant with the new law. Once we have completed this, we will post the changes on our website for members to look at, later this year.

Alongside the by-law revisions, we intend to review and update our statement of purpose. For this, we would like to have a process that invites member participation.

A leading thought that the Council has been carrying is that the Society is a place where study is important, but also the individual experiences and researches that can help us be present in the world today are important. Going into the world is an important task of the Society today. How individuals bring anthroposophy to life in the world, how we as a Society make this visible, and create an environment and organization to support this needs to be reflected in our statement of purpose.

How can we see anthroposophy living in our activity in the world, in our work life, in our communities, in our families, and not just when we gather in our anthroposophical settings? In fact, in our Branch or group meetings, or organizational meetings, where can we observe the activity of anthroposophy, as distinct from the content?

In the past, we have tended to see anthroposophy at work in our study groups, class meetings, in Waldorf schools, in biodynamic farms, in eurythmy, anthroposophical medicine and so on. Can we expand on this view?

We will bring a more focused process to work with this question later in the fall. For now, we would ask that members who are meeting together this fall, whether it be for study, or Branch work, or conversation, take a few minutes reflection at the end to observe, where and how was the activity of anthroposophy present in our meeting together?

We invite you to write down some of your reflections, and send them to the Administrator.  Mark will compile your responses and feed them into our planning process.  Thanks for your participation!

Dorothy LeBaron on behalf of the Council

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