Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Council Meeting With Members - 23 January 2014

- by Mark McAlister
On the Thursday evening before the Classholder's meeting, Council members invited Society members to meet and continue working with the question, What is emerging in the Anthroposophical Society? (See Invitation here.) It is interesting to note that members from the East and West Coast joined the local folks.   Regine Kurek led us through experiences with clay in small groups,and we felt the emergence of a strong constructive mood as the evening came to a close.  The following comments were posted on the Internet following the event.  (If you would like to add your own comments, use the button at the end of this article.)
Graham Jackson:  Although the event was nice for us members, I am concerned that anthroposophy is absent in public discussions. On January 10, The Globe and Mail published a long editorial on the declining state of maths education. 
It described Andreas Schleicher as "arguably the most influential person in global education policy today". It said he was failing in school at 10 until he was sent to a "private Waldorf academy", where he thrived. He went on to earn top marks on his college entrance exams and study maths and physics.
I wrote them a letter about this, but it was not printed. If there had been many letters, however, it might have been. That is how it works. How many members noticed and responded?...
Mark McAlister.  Thanks for your comment Graham.  I do not agree that anthroposophy is missing in public discussions. It was apparent to me that many people participating in the workshop are in the public "line of fire" every day, and are doing their darndest to represent anthroposophy in a responsible way. Press coverage is only one measure of impact - and perhaps we will gradually earn more attention if we keep working at it.

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