Wednesday, December 3, 2008

As You Build Your House

Build your house threefold,
As your body, threefold too,
As your body’s music.
Feel how legs hold you,
Upright, firm, strong-
As the soles of your feet-
Sounding boards for
Earth’s thrust and pull-
Anchoring, resonating.
Feel through them
The throb of earth’s basses.
Feel this as you lay the foundation.

Feel the airy light-filled
Chambers of your chest-
Windows, doors where
Life mingling with life-
Weaves in crescendo, diminuendo.
Feel your own melody weaving-
Feel it in the doors and windows,
In the listening walls of your house.

Feel the closed, round dome
High above the rest- your head,
Mirror of the starry cosmos,
Where thoughts sparkle
And, comet-like, trumpet calls pierce,
Till melody and bass respond.
Feel this as you form the roof,Where elements pound, permeate,
Even as it embraces and protects.

Build your house thus-
Craft lovingly this sound box,
Where your life’s orchestra
Can play its great symphony.
But be prepared to leave in mid-melody.
A greater master revises all,
Fine-tunes the instruments,
Finds another stage in another place,
Again and again,
From life to life.
Feel this, too,
As you build your house.

Alexandra B. Günther

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