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Thomas H. Meyer

In preparation for his upcoming 2009 Canadian tour, Thomas H. Meyer was asked a few questions, to acquaint his anthroposophical audience with some of his lines of thought.

Question: Which current events will you be speaking about with connection to Anthroposophy?
Meyer: I would like to speak about China in particular with relation to the incarnation of Ahriman in the west. Of course the Iran problem may be much more current in 2009 than in 2008. The wars against Afghanistan and Iraq as well as the ‘threat’ from Iran are of course a product of U.S. foreign policy and are consequences of 9/11 and its aftermath. But one cannot really speak about these things without recognizing that real spiritual beings stand behind these events and developments. I can also touch on global warning and the environment but my real goal is to speak on how all these current events are coming towards us as spiritual questions and cannot be solved until there is an acceptance of real concrete spiritual forces and beings standing behind the phenomena.

Question: How does D.N. Dunlop relate to the future?
Meyer: (Laughs) What a question!! D.N. Dunlop is a powerful spirit, who with others may have the task of safeguarding the future evolution of humanity and of the planet. This may be done in a quiet and inconspicuous way - in the way of a real occultist like Christian Rosenkreuz. He may inspire striving souls from the spiritual world, and when in incarnation, he and the other pupils and helpers around Steiner will rather work, so to say, behind the scenes giving invisible help. These individualities, and of course Steiner himself, will not be so easily recognized in their present or future incarnations. Rudolf Steiner pointed out very clearly in one of his lectures that in former times people did not remember past incarnations, but because of the working of the true ego with spiritual thoughts, these individuals will no doubt remember who they were, as their past and present lives will be linked by a continuous thread. The individuality of D.N. Dunlop will know whom he himself was when he/she incarnates. But I would say it is better to think of these individuals by taking a loving interest in their lives around Steiner and in their present tasks for humanity than by looking for them, as some do. If we read about them we can send them understanding, loving, strong forces in our thoughts that can help them in their tasks. Perhaps, if we truly think of them with objective interest we may be gifted in meeting them on our own life path, by the grace of the Lord of Destiny, so to speak.
Question: What is the significance of Helmuth von Moltke?
Meyer: Helmuth von Moltke relates to the true German Folk Spirit. The true, but lost, German Folk Spirit. There has been an absence of the true folk spirit of the German people since about 1879. Karl Heyer put it like this: in 1879 Michael, who was before that the German Folk Spirit, ascended to the rank of Time Spirit. Then a younger folk spirit took on this task. A Michaelic spirit, but inexperienced, which is why it is still in spiritual battle with Lucifer or Ahriman sometimes. This being was the guardian angel of Buddha and that is why reincarnation is such a core element in Anthroposophy unfolding within the German cultural sphere, because of this folk spirit’s ability to comprehend reincarnation. Helmuth von Moltke is to this being what Rudolf Steiner is to Michael. But this being has been lost by the German people. What you see in Germany’s history (e.g. the holocaust) is due to the absence of the true folk spirit, not its presence and activity.

It is the real loss by the German nation of its guiding folk spirit. It is a truly Michaelic being, but it has to be found again.

Question: The title “Light for the New Millennium”(ed.). What is this light that von Moltke talked about to Rudolf Steiner when he was in the spiritual world after death?
Meyer: The Light that the spirit of von Moltke saw, burning brilliantly at the end of the 20th century, is there shining from the spiritual worlds for humankind. It is not so easy to see it because of the unspiritual thought forms, and the electric and magnetic forces that surround us now ‑ but it may shine there in the striving of our study groups or in the inner striving of each individual, if this striving is true, heartfelt and energetic enough.

Books by Thomas Meyer:

- Clairvoyance and Consciousness
- Light for the New Millennium (ed.)
- D. N. Dunlop, a Man of our Time
- The Bodhisattva Question
- Reality, Truth and Evil - Facts about 9/11
- The Death of Merlin (ed.)

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