Monday, March 9, 2009

From Cornelius Pietzner

Dear Members and Friends,
This issue of Anthroposophy Worldwide once again includes a broad spectrum of reports-- as indicative of what takes place every day in so many regions of the world. We also share our suggestion for the Theme of the Year, which can serve as a unifying thread that unites the focus of groups, branches and study groups. We have observed that the theme of "Heart Thinking" has had a strong resonance in many parts of the world, and we have adapted and modified this fundamental topic over the last four years. We also have noticed that it takes 2 to 3 years until the inner Theme for the Society is taken up widely. It seems to take time to mature and "arrive". We have been very pleased to see that the General Secretaries and country Societies have actively taken up this theme together with the Goetheanum and we do indeed experience this work as a unifying force within the General Society. With this coming year much attention is being focussed on Charles Darwin, and therefore we have selected the element of "Heart Thinking as an Organ for Perception (Knowledge) in Development and Metamorphosis". This combines (at least) two central themes in anthroposophy and can shed quite a different light on the traditional focus of development as represented in the work of Darwin.
We also wish to present to you the financial circumstance of the Goetheanum and developments of the last years that place real pressure on our ability to manage the many different commitments that belong to the General Anthroposophical Society. We discussed this financial presentation in the Executive Council and felt that it was necessary to share the present situation as openly and clearly as possible. Of course there are practical limitations to this depiction, but the basic financial difficulty-- as well as the joy and enthusiasm of undertaking a major project such as the Mystery Dramas--is important for us to share with those who are connected and committed to anthroposophy and its expression in the world. We would be interested in your questions and comments, and are also grateful for your encouragement and support.
Lastly, we look ahead to our Annual General Meeting in early April, as well as our meeting with approximately 25 General Secretaries and Country Representatives in the week prior. This is always a joyful (and strenuous) marathon of meetings that culminates in the AGM and Conference. The latter will be framed by performances of the 1st and 2nd Mystery Dramas, so there will be a great deal of activity at the Goetheanum in the coming weeks. All members are most warmly invited to the Annual General Meeting, and for those who cannot attend we will report in detail in forthcoming issues of our publications.


Cornelius Pietzner
For the Executive Council

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