Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Lessons With Arthur Zajonc

"I was very enthusiastic about the Arthur Zajonc conference. it was so meaningful to me to hear him speak and being so inclusive with respect to other cultures and philosophies. For me it was a pivotal time, and I could actually make a renewed commitment to the Anthroposophical society.For a while I was struggling with the perceived "closed mindedness" of many society members, but after hearing him speak, reading his book and also hearing reports from the Northern conference, it seems there may be an opening up towards other truths and cultures. It was also heartening to hear the reports from the youth section and their plans to support Nicanor Perlas in his bid for the Phillipine presidency."

"What I would simply say as a result of the work we did together on this weekend: It was exceptionally helpful on a personal basis; however, as we know, self-development is not simply a personal affair, but has its consequences into the social organism and context in which one finds oneself. So, that goes for me into the work with my special needs friends, with the work of the Class, with many other ramifications which I may not even as yet be so aware of."

"I am convinced that Anthroposophy is what helps me to keep my soul connected and clear in my teaching and healing work with others and with my family. That said, I agree with Arthur Zajonc that other forms of spiritual work and healing help need to be welcomed at this difficult time in the world, to gently foster world relationships and understandings...'How much inner expansion have I the capacity for without allowing fear and grasping to rule my sense of truth?' I feel that this is what Arthur Zajonc challenges us to do, with his excellent bridging work between science, Anthroposophy, and various forms of meditative teachings from other great masters. His gentle, Sophianic tears of great passion and compassion for the work are the same tears that the Dalai Lama has shed for his troubled people. We all shed these tears inwardly for the pain of the world. Steiner encourages us to enter the troubled waters with a well crafted boat and an even keel. As the Buddhists say, we must feel the fear and then do it anyway. We must open to the waters and trust the refreshment of the Divine Christ carrying all of us. Blessings."

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