Tuesday, February 16, 2010

D.N.Dunlop, Theosophy and Anthroposophy

What is the Significance of D.N. Dunlop to the Theosophical Society?

How is it that the study of the biography of D.N. Dunlop will bring Theosophists and Anthroposophists together in Edmonton, AB in April 2010?

- By Debbie Allen

The above questions live behind the up-coming Thomas Meyer lectures in Edmonton. The impulse to have the biographical works of Thomas Meyer become more widely known in Canada lives on Salt Spring Island. Ann Watson, who sponsored Thomas Meyer to lecture in Vancouver in April 2009, contacted several Alberta Anthroposophical initiatives and individuals in the fall of 2009 to have Thomas Meyer speak at various Canadian places in April 2010.

Thomas Meyer was aware of the Edmonton Theosophical Society, as the ETS had republished a number of the old “Irish Theosophist” Journals that were of interest to Thomas Meyer for his biographical work on D.N. Dunlop. Thomas Meyer conveyed this information to Ann Watson, who in turned contacted Ernest Pelletier and me. Rob Black and I met with Ernest Pelletier and his wife Rogelle Pelletier, in November 2009 to discuss the upcoming Thomas Meyer lecture event.

Ernest Pelletier, a prominent member of the ETS is also an established biographer. Aside from a minor biographical work on D.N. Dunlop, Ernest Pelletier completed a major biographical work of the Theosophical Society history featuring many personalities important to both Anthroposophy and Theosophy, such as Madame Blavatsky and Isabelle Wyatt. The name of this extensive volume is “The Judge Case: A conspiracy Which Ruined the Theosophical Cause”. It took eleven years of dedicated work by Ernest Pellletier and his wife Rogelle to complete. The book contains an in-depth chronology of events Theosophical spanning 1891 – 2003.

The Theosophists have invited the Anthroposophists to their center in South East Edmonton to attend the lecture on D.N. Dunlop. Likewise the Theosophists are invited to attend the second lecture for Anthroposophists. Capacity is limited at both locations. Please inquire early if interested in attending.

- For contact details, see the end of Michael Roboz post.

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