Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Whitehorse Conference: The Financial Picture

The conference Planning Group met for a final time in Vancouver in mid-September to reflect on the conference and to bring the financial picture up to date. When all aspects were taken into account and all outstanding commitments met, there remained a surplus of $7000. After thoughtful discussion, and with an aim to respecting the intentions of the conference and to furthering work recognized there, it was decided to disburse these funds as follows:

.Refunds of registration fees to five people: $1750

.To the Rudolf Steiner Centre, Vancouver (for meeting space for the Planning Group): $500

.Seed funds toward the 2010 Conference in Iceland: $1200

.To ISIS, toward continuing work in Russia: $1000

.To the fund for Meta Williams Healing Centre initiative (through ISIS): $500

.To the Goetheanum: $1000

.To the Anthroposophical Society in Canada: $1000

The balance went toward the costs of disbursing the above funds.

We are grateful for the participation of each of you who came to Whitehorse and to those who supported the conference in other ways.

Edna Cox, for the Planning Group


Reinhard said...

you all for the work you put in to give us this fantastic conference; it was one of the best organized Anthroposophical events I ever attended. And I very much support the way the surplus was disbursed.

Reinhard, from Ottawa

Reinhard said...

The #%&' computer deleted the words "Thank you for", the most important part of my message, so thank you again!