Thursday, February 7, 2013

Study Group In Duncan BC

- by Colin Price

In September 2011, a group of friends came together and formed an Anthroposophical study group in Duncan, British Columbia. They were all well versed in Anthroposophy, most of us having been - or are currently - Waldorf class teachers, We are well into our years, but we do have one younger friend who keeps us on our toes. We began by studying Prokofieff's booklet The Esoteric Significance of Spiritual Work in Anthroposophical Groups, and the Future of the Anthroposophical Society. We experienced a degree of working together that frankly rather surprised us at first, and as we went on, the rhythm of our weekly gatherings strengthened us in our commitment to Rudolf Steiner.

We hallow the commencement of each session with a verse that recognizes the unique contribution that every single member around the world makes, who is striving and working out of Anthroposophy. In so doing, we seek to unite our efforts with those of others.

We followed that Prokovieff study by immersing ourselves in the lectures that Rudolf Steiner gave in Dusseldorf in April 1909, entitled The Spiritual Hierarchies and Their Reflection in the Physical World.  We are now halfway through them. Not one session draws to a close without our feeling blest that we can receive such spiritual substance.

As to the emerging issues of our time, the way in which we might meet these will emerge as we strengthen our work together, for we are still a young group. We are open to new members, and we hope to make new contacts as this new year goes forward. To all other members of such groups, we greet you cordially, and we look forward also to reading about your devoted work.  Colin Price (250-597-4078). email

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