Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Secondary References to the Anthroposophical Society on the Internet

- by Mark McAlister

If someone asks me, "What is anthroposophy?", I normally refer to three sources for answers:

- the published legacy of Rudolf Steiner
- the work of a growing number of people around the world who have been inspired by Steiner, and
- emerging Michaelic impulses in the world that are not directly connected to the Society

There is actually a fourth source which is helpful.  There are many websites and blogposts that publish extensive content about Steiner and anthroposophy.  Although the information is often inaccurate or even inflammatory, it's helpful to review it from time to time.  These secondary references give us an opportunity to test our own opinions about Steiner and help us to become more objective.

On this page, I will maintain a list of such links.  Further suggestions are welcome!

Ethereal Kiosk (1)

Ethereal Kiosk (2)

From the Lighthouse Blog

Countercult Ministries

Red Ice

Watchman Fellowship

Institute for Consciousness Research

Kaare Bursell


Absolute Astronomy

Waldorf Critics

Anthroposophy, Naziism and other Bad Ideas

Twitter Feed

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