Friday, October 16, 2015

Treasurer's Letter

Dear Friends,
A very warm greeting to everyone!
There were a few events that occurred since the AGM that council would like to communicate.
We received a letter from the Canada Revenue Agency requesting that the Rudolf Steiner Foundation be dissolved unless we plan to make it active.  As there is no such plan, Council decided to dissolve it.  You can see the related correspondence on the members’ web site, or ask Jef Saunders, our Administrator. 
The review engagement with our accountant went smoothly and the questions and responses, along with the final Financial Statements, can be found on the members’ website. 
We have been successfully using e-transfers to pay requests for funds and this approach appears to be the way many members’ prefer.  We are also offering this method for donations and contributions.  Simply fill out, scan and email the membership card, along with the answer to your security question, then send the e-transfer to Jef.  If this method proves to be a preference for members, we might cancel the Canada Helps service next year, which has caused some issues of confusion. 
Requests for funding have increased for important work by members, and council is finding it challenging to meet all the requests, while still holding to the approved budget.  Your extra donations towards the various funds provide for important activities of our Society and are greatly appreciated.  Please consider an extra donation if possible even if you have made your planned contribution.   If you have not made your contribution and donation for this year, please do so soon to help make it unnecessary for Jef and Council to make reminders.  Please contact Jef if you need to make special arrangements and we thank you for your support.
Warm regards,

Douglas Wylie

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