Saturday, October 3, 2015

Stand-Alone Performance of the First Third of the Portal of Initiation

On Saturday 31 October, Christian Community Priest Daniel Hafner will deliver an introductory lecture on the Portal of Initiation.  Then, TQuest Productions of Toronto will perform the first third of the Portal of Initiation.  17 of us have been working for over a year now to cultivate the imagination which is reflected in this drama.  I hope you will join us!
The event will take place at the Christian Community Church at 901 Rutherford Road, Thornhill, Ontario. Tickets will be available at the door.  Registration will commence at 12:30 noon.  Daniel’s lecture will commence at 1:00pm.  The play begins at 2:00pm and will finish by 5:30pm.  Price is $25.  For more information, download the Portal Flyer.  (This event is entirely independent of the Freedom Mystery Conference.)  This performance is sponsored by the Anthroposophical Society in Canada, the Toronto Branch and the Thornhill Group.  It is also made possible by a donation from Vidar Foundation.

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