Sunday, September 7, 2014

LLOYD GENIO PELECH, Born: Vancouver, Nov. 6, 1926

- by Michael Roboz and John Bach

Lloyd Genio Pelech, a long-time member of the Anthroposophical Society in Canada crossed the Threshold in Vancouver, on Aug 14th, 2014 at the age of 88. Lloyd had been battling cancer and the effects of a stroke suffered in 2011. He will be remembered for his great warmth of heart and radiating positive energy, which brought a sense a calmness and joy to all that had the pleasure of meeting this truly kind soul. Lloyd was a steadfast member of the Society, and attended the Wednesday Vidar Study for many decades, and was also a devoted member of the congregation of the Christian Community. He also served on the board of the Rudolf Steiner Centre for many years.

Lloyd was an Art teacher in the public school system, but always found time to help others in the anthroposophical community. His masterful carpentry skills were put to use in building bookshelves for the various incarnations of the Rudolf Steiner centre here in Vancouver, as well helping others in home renovations in the community. These he did warmly and happily, always free of charge.

Lloyd was a devoted husband and father, and gave loving care and assistance to his first wife Dawn, who suffered from the ravages of Multiple Sclerosis for many years. He is now re-united with Dawn, who passed away in 1988.

Lloyd was an avid and accomplished gardener with a beautiful home garden filled with a mix of flowers and vegetables. He was famous in the Vancouver community for his beefeater tomatoes, which he planted from seed, and would then give away to anyone who had room in their own gardens for this cultivated treasure.  As well as being a long-time art teacher, Lloyd was also a skilful artist, creating beautiful spirit landscapes, filled with spiritual beings and Christian imagery. He created cards from photographs of this art that that he gave out to many in the Anthroposophical and Christian Communities in Vancouver.
In the last few months of his life, Lloyd, even though his health was declining, always had a warm smile and cheerful demeanour to everyone who visited him, and to all of the care workers who helped him during this time.

Lloyd will be dearly missed, but his spirit will continue to work from the other side of the threshold inspiring and helping us, just as did when he was here with us in physical incarnation. A sample of Lloyd’s beautiful artistic skill is included on the sidebar of the September eNews..

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