Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Mystery Drama Conference

- by Giselher Weber

Dear Friends,

Two weeks ago I came back from the English performance of the four Mystery Dramas by Rudolf Steiner in Spring Valley, NY. It was a great experience. We had very good introductory lectures by Daniel Hafner on the in-between days and bio-dynamic food throughout our stay.

I have two comments:
  1. We, the audience, felt included in the play to such an extent that we made the problems acted out on stage our own. I saw the four plays in Dornach four years ago. The performances were perfect. But they happened on the stage, and we were the audience. In Spring Valley we onlookers felt included, not so much by introductory scenes played in front of the curtain, but by the warm-hearted play of the professional actors and the lay actors alike. It must have had something to do with the direction of Barbara Renold.
  2. If you could not make it to the plays for any reason you missed something significant.
Click here to read a flyer containing information for arrangements for bringing excerpt scenes concerning the two main characters Johannes and Maria to your city.

All the best,

Giselher Weber

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