Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The North American Anthroposophical Conference: Encountering Our Humanity - Call for Research

Call for Participant Research
The North American Anthroposophical Conference Encountering Our Humanity, to be held in Ottawa during the summer of 2016, will include daily afternoon sessions where members will be given the opportunity to express personal research initiatives.
“This is indeed written in the karma of every single Anthroposophist: Be a person of initiative.. This should stand written in golden letters, constantly before the soul of the Anthroposophist....”
Rudolf Steiner 4Aug1924
These words by Rudolf Steiner have been an inspiration for many to undertake Anthroposophical work. This is an opportunity for this work to be shared and heard by Anthroposophists and non- Anthroposophists alike.
North American Anthroposophical Conference
Encountering Our Humanity
Ottawa, Canada
August 7 to 14, 2016
From Knowledge to Conscious Action
Research must have an Anthroposophical foundation, and should include an organised rationale which expresses a research subject and its significance to Anthroposophy and/or society in general. The various sections of the Anthroposophical Society serve as a good guideline for research topics.
Research topics from the various sections include, but are not limited to :
    •  Anthroposophical medicine
    •  Education
    •  Biodynamic agriculture
    •  Eurythmy
    •  General section studies
    •  Art
    •  Medicine
    •  Architecture

Participant research presentations will last a total of twenty minutes in length, with the last 5 minutes of each presentation dedicated to a question/answer period. Presentations can take any form deemed suitable for the subject. For example, a eurythmy presentation could include audience participation in eurythmy, or a presentation on architecture could include a slide show with various types of architectural motifs. For more information or to receive a participant research application form, please contact John Bach at jbbach1@yahoo.ca

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