Thursday, April 2, 2009

Cornelius Pietzner - April Letter

Dear Members,
Turning the clocks forward one hour at the end of March is a reliable sign that spring is determined to (also) come to Dornach, despite unseasonable weather! And with it comes a flurry of preparatory activity that includes the Annual General Meeting and Festival, the meetings with General Secretaries and Country Representatives, the International Treasurer's Meeting, and the premiere of the 2nd Mystery Drama, "The Soul's Probation". Indeed both the 1st and 2nd Mystery Drama will be performed at the Goetheanum twice in early April. This issue of Anthroposophy Worldwide contains an interview with the two Directors reflecting a new way of working together.

Of course, this is not all. There are large and small events also taking place, such as the very recent Conference on Owen Barfield (in English) as a representative and worthy articulator of the Consciousness Soul. Also the Easter Conference, one of the most important yearly festival Conferences, has the theme of Rudolf Steiner's Fifth Gospel. There is much of importance happening to be sure, and also many considerations for the future. We see this in the world Society in many countries (and in the world Society at the Goetheanum), in initiatives of the School of Spiritual Science (such as the 19 Lessons Conference in London in August), and the Goetheanum itself, where, for instance, we continue to make steps in the presentation of our financial life and the flows and designations of funds. It is quickening to experience the Anthroposophical Society in its multi-dimensionality and broad spectrum of undertakings. This is evident in the arts and theater and in so many practical areas and initiatives. It gives a genuine sense of a real cosmopolitan impulse and can serve as a necessary, inspiring and connecting complement to our individual and perhaps very focussed awareness and undertakings.

With best regards for Easter,


Cornelius Pietzner
For the Executive Council

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