Monday, April 20, 2009

Dennis Klocek: Meditation Retreat

The Teachings of Isis: From Anxiety to Insight - A meditation retreat led by Dennis Klocek

The journey of isis searching for the lost Osiris is a potent mythological image that can inspire a new approach to transforming anxiety into insight. The Isis myth will be used as a backdrop for soul-transforming exercises to uncover and identify the hidden sources of anxiety in every day life. These revealed elements will be explored further through dialogue using the mythic language of symbol. Topics will include:
• death of the spirit in the material world as a source of unconscious anxiety
• working on the essential steps of separating the soul forces in the process of
• re-uniting effectively the soul forces and forging new insights into dreams,
destiny and karma.

LOCATION: at the ecole Rudolf Steiner Montreal

SCHEDULE: May 30/31, 2009, beginning at 7pm on Saturday May 30 and concluding at 3:30pm on Sunday May 31

General admission : $125.
Student /Senior : $85.
Reduced Price for 2 events (Healing Imagination Conference and Meditation Retreat : $225. (Student/Senior : $150.)

call 514-369 9242 or E-mail.

Current activities of Dennis Klocek:
  • Founder of the Coros institute, dedicated to dialogues between individuals in the sciences, the arts and business with a commitment to spiritual values arising from the contemplative life
  • Director, Consciousness Studies Program at Rudolf Steiner College
  • International lecturer
  • Author of many books including: The Seer’s Handbook; Drawing from the Book of Nature; Biodynamic Book of Moons; and Weather and Cosmos
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