Tuesday, September 7, 2010

From the Treasurer

Dear Friends,

With the kind help of France Beaucage and Mark McAlister I am transitioning into - and gaining familiarity with - the tasks of the Treasurer.  I have also been getting familiar with the accounts and associated methods developed over the years.  I am gaining confidence and enthusiasm to approach my tasks and calling as your Treasurer.  I would like to thank the many members for the warm welcoming.

The movement and use of our money is very important, and I see that part of my task is to make this clear and visible through presentation of the accounts. The more this is achieved,  the greater is the possibility that our efforts will be productive for our mission.

With my tasks in mind, and with the diligent help of Mark McAlister as our administrator, we have accomplished the following over the past summer:
•    Tracked and reviewed  the revenues and expenses, and compared these with our approved budget.
•    Monitored the flow of membership contributions.  (These have increased this year.   I believe that this is a testament  to the efforts and attention of Mark and others, connecting with members and making visible the work and future possibilities of our Society.)
•    Gained a first-level familiarity with the Quickbooks accounting methods and features. Mark and I are investigating the possibility of using the budgeting feature to better integrate the budget to the accounting for a more streamlined and effective presentation.
•     Evaluated the categories of the budget aand the way we conduct our budgeting process, funding, and, accounting presentation.

I invite all members to communicate their observations, feelings and thoughts regarding the money aspects of our Society.  As Treasurer I am listening very carefully to what I hear and will respond in the best way possible.

Douglas Wylie

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Unknown said...

Welcome Douglas (and many thanks to Marie-France).

I applaud your efforts. I have attended a few AGM's as a regular member, and much to my surprise, I have found the treasurer's report to be a highlight - not dry at all.