Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Whitsun, 2010----->Easter, 2011
by Michael Roboz

Jupiter and Saturn have special "conversations", officially known as conjunctions and oppositions.  For these two planets, the outermost of which can still be seen with the naked eye; oppositions occur every twenty years.  This comes about because Saturn takes nearly thirty years (29.9) to pass through the zodiac, while Jupiter requires only twelve.  Hence, every twenty years, Jupiter overtakes Saturn.
   Between each conjunction conversation, another kind of interaction takes place in-between.  The beings of Saturn, the Thrones (Spirits of Will), and the beings of Jupiter, the Kyriotetes (Spirits of Wisdom) converse across the universe, the physical orbs appear to be opposite to each other from the geocentric point of view.  In our time, in the space of 1.3 years, this will manifest three times. First, on Whitsunday, May 23, 2010; then on August 16, 2010, during the great Mich-aelic meteor showers, and finally at Easter on March 28, 2011.
   The remarkable thing about this heavenly display is that the when in the first opposition,  Saturn is in Virgin, while Jupiter is in Fishes. The second time around, it is the opposite scenario. Then, they switch again.   It appears that the Earth is acting like a fulcrum around which they pivot. (In actuality, they aren't pivoting around the Earth, it only appears to be the case.) The other planetary beings also have a say in the interaction. Mars, Venus and Mercury  are in a half circle above the "opposition ecliptic"
    For the second cosmic display, almost all the planets are in a line along the "oppositional ecliptic"   From Virgin, we have Saturn, going along to Fishes, there is Mars, Venus, Mercury, Moon, and then after Jupiter in Fishes, is Uranus. Then, for the third event, almost all the planets are bunched up with Jupiter in Fishes., but all more or less in a row. On the Virgin side, with Saturn, only the Moon.  With Jupiter, there is Mercury, Venus, Mars and Uranus.
  What are the impulses that the two hierarchical beings are trying to instill into humanity's global will? The Saturn Throne-beings guard the past and remember past evolution.  The Jupiter-Kyriotetes transform the past into positive future.  Humanity needs to prepare for the next stage of earth evolution, the future 'Jupiter'. The other planetary beings also enter, first more with Saturn in Virgin, and then for the third time with Jupiter, in the Fishes, the Sign of the Christ. Mars, cosmically wills the impulse to be carried out by humankind with a healthful harmony. These great Beings are challenging us in this critical time to create a new future, transforming the old. 

Images: See below.

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Whitsun, 23 May 2010
13 August 2010
Easter 28 March 2011

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