Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Letter from Cornelius Pietzner (September 2010)

Dear Friends,

The summer draws gradually to a close. The out-breathing into the light and warmth, the inner and outer rejuvenation through the many gatherings, conferences and meetings gives renewed strength to turn to the main tasks belonging to our work. It would surely fill a few editions of Anthroposophy Worldwide to describe all the diverse conferences that have taken place, and the wonderful opportunities that the members of the Executive Council  and the School of Spiritual Science have had to share, present and meet with Society members and friends all over the world, and on a broad spectrum of issues and themes.

However,(and with only a slight prejudice) allow me to mention one of the conference highlights at the Goetheanum this summer-- the Third International English Week. With the theme of "Meeting Crises as we enter the new Century" about 250 people from the English speaking world (and other countries) came to gether in early August at the Goetheanum. This was a week preceded by a simultaneous reading in English and presentation of the four Mystery Dramas. A number of guests took this opportunity to experience the new production of the Dramas. From the reports it was apparantly quite a success. The conference too, with extraordinarily high quality and balanced artistic events, rich lecture content and diverse workshops allowed participants to meet each other and experience the Goetheanum at its best. To have the Goetheanum (mostly) transformed into an English speaking center for this week, and to enjoy the prevailing warm and collegial mood, was an experience many commented positively on. In short, it was an appreciated and special event.

This autumn there will be many tasks, some of them quite challenging, to turn towards. With Michaelmas a few short weeks away, we enter the "season" with enthusiasm for our tasks and gratitude for what we are allowed to do. With best wishes for Michaelmas and the beginnings that it may bring.


Cornelius Pietzner
for the Executive Council

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