Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Vidar Foundation Update (September 2010)

Now completing its 10th year Vidar Foundation looks back on a series of very successful projects that have either been completed or are current. 

For a brief report on Vidar’s history and accomplishments, click here.

To see Vidar’s Balance Sheet as at August 31, 2009, click here.

Recently we were able to extend a loan to the Vancouver congregation of the Christian Community for renovations to their manse which will provide rental income. 

As of this writing, $77,000 of the monies entrusted to Vidar Foundation are working in initiatives promoting Vidar’s objectives.  Looking towards the future, several projects are presently under consideration which will be reviewed by our board currently consisting of Hamo Hammond, Dr. Trevor Janz, Reinhard Rosch (Treasurer) and Ingrid Belenson (President and Secretary).

Vidar Foundation is ready to welcome new members who are able to contribute to this initiative in any way. For example, we are looking for someone who can set up a webpage.  Also, we need individuals to help us develop this financial initiative further.

We look forward to your enquiries and/or commentaries.


Ingrid Belenson

210 Union Road
Spring Bay, ON  P0P 2B0

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